Natalie took the stress and hassle out of picking out clothes every morning. She put together a professional, stylish wardrobe that I feel comfortable wearing.

—Travis, Investment Banker


I’ve always loved fashion and shopping, but had definitely fallen into a rut of buying the same thing over and over, while having gaps in my wardrobe that left me feeling like I had a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.  After seeing the amazing results that my sister had working with Natalie, I made an appointment myself.  After going through my closet (including shoes, jewelry and accessories!) to whittle out items that didn’t fit right or just weren’t “me,” Natalie created a list of missing pieces, worked with me to identify brands and styles that fit my budget, lifestyle and personality and then pre-shopped stores for me so that all I had to do was show up and try things on.  She then showed me how to incorporate everything into my existing wardrobe, and created tons of new outfits for me by combining things I already had in ways I never would have considered.  The end result is that I now have a closet full of clothes that I love, and no matter the occasion I always have something to wear! 

—Hannah, Attorney


I was born missing the fashion gene! I’ve spent too much money on clothes that ended up being pushed to the back of my closet, too much time stressing over what to wear to a big day at work or an important event, and too much energy feeling inadequate because of the way I look.

So when I got a new, big-city job with a very professional dress code and stylish co-workers, I knew it was time for some serious help!

Buttoned Up came to my rescue. First they sat down with me and assessed my personal tastes, my wardrobe goals and budget, and my body type and coloring. Next came the closet consultation: after tactfully pulling out anything frumpy, worn out, or outdated, they took stock of which vital pieces were missing from my wardrobe, all while giving me a personalized set of clothing, jewelry, and shoe rules to ensure my outfits flattered my body type and skin tone. Finally they “shopped” my closet and jewelry box and created over two weeks of modern, stylish looks from pieces already hanging in my wardrobe. The part shocked me the most—I had no idea I already owned pieces that could be put together in ways I’d never considered. That service alone saved me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars because I didn’t have to start over with a whole new wardrobe. When they took me shopping, they found several great pieces within my price range that tied together what I already had and took my look to a whole new level.

Thanks to Buttoned Up, I was able to go to my first weeks of work confident that I was making a great first impression by projecting a professional, modern, and competent image. I plan to call on them often in the future to ensure my wardrobe and looks stay fresh and up to date.

—Marla, Writer/Editor


I would definitely recommend Natalie’s advice. There are a few ways you can use this service, depending on your existing fashion knowledge. As someone with no natural fashion sense, I personally wanted to learn the rules of men’s style. Natalie immediately understood my needs and met them with flying colors. She helped me discover which clothing colors, fits and design features work best for my body. I learned so much! I have a new sense of confidence in the fashion world and I’m excited to use it.

I was a little worried about hiring a consultant on an hourly basis. I shouldn’t have been. Natalie really valued my time. In the long run, I’ll save money because I’ll make less shopping mistakes.

Finally, it was a really fun experience. 5 stars, for sure.

Nathan, Recent College Graduate